Albert A. van Daalen & Partners are matchmakers between capital seekers and capital providers worldwide


Albert A. van Daalen facilitates non-public offering funding opportunities for a particular segment of the market. His network of informal investors around the world may specialize by industry, client asset size or other factors to address a market not well-addressed by formal investors. These capital providers do not attract any funds from general public, nor do they offer anything to the general public as well. For that reason, their funding opportunities are not subject to the regulations of financial authorities regarding financial institutions for consumers. 


Business funding refers to the means by which an aspiring or current business owner obtains money to start a new business, purchase an existing business or bring money into an existing business to finance current or future business activity. There are many ways to finance a new or existing business, each of which features its own benefits and limitations. There are traditionally two options available for business funding: borrow funds (debt financing) or sell ownership interests in exchange for capital (equity sharing). But a combination of debt financing and equity sharing is also common. In addition to the traditional financing options there are also alternative funding possibilities. Some alternative funding opportunities require only (liquid) assets to be put up in order to be able to turn them into income generating cash flows.


Albert van Daalen and his partners have an international network of non-public offering capital providers for funding volumes between 20 and 100 million EUR/USD. But lower and higher funding volumes are also possible.


All funding opportunities have their own terms, conditions and procedures.




Since 2011 funding requests with financing volumes between 0,1 million EUR and 1,4 billion EUR came from Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Dutch Caribbean, Egypt, English Caribbean, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, St. Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom and USA in the fields of agriculture, (business) aviation, biogas industry, civil engineering, electronics industry, film & game entertainment, healthcare, hotel, ict, logistics & supply chain, manure factory, marine services, monastery, (new) energy, real estate, seaweed energy, sports industry, telecommunications, waste energy and wellness.